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The beauty and fitness worlds and their ideals are as old as time. In ancient times people used herbs and other remedies to take care of their health and appearance. Fast forward to the present day and we have an incredible selection of supplements to choose from as well as the more in-depth knowledge around how using these with a healthy lifestyle can help with your goals.

As the market for protein supplements continues to expand it can be hard to choose which ones work best for your needs.

CENTURION CLUB have launched a range of products assisting with the nutritional requirements for customers to use and love. Born out of dissatisfaction of what was currently available in the industry and the quality of products, Centurion made it a priority to design and provide a high quality supplement range using the best ingredients, full of vitamins and no nasty binders or fillers.

With a variety of products to choose from supporting your health, weight loss, lean muscle gain and fitness goals you have a 360-degree line of supplements covering all the things you need from it and nothing you don’t!

All products are available across the EU, UK and Switzerland via our websites, supplied in gyms across the UK and are already revolutionising clients training and nutrition.

The core ethos of CENTURION CLUB and CENTURION CLUB NUTRITION is to provide the absolute best service and supplements to you!

When should I use protein?

You can use your CENTURION CLUB NUTRITION supplements as a pre or post workout snack, as a meal in the day to help reach your protein targets and of course the meal replacements (to help manage weight) up to twice a day instead of a meal. Our protein powder is extremely versatile, allowing us to adapt it throughout the day depending on your needs.

 I’ve tried protein powders before, and they didn’t work

First of all, we need to remember that just having a shake or 2 every day is going to solve all of your goals. You need a good base to build on – a healthy/balanced diet and to be active. Adding a supplement to that mix is where you will see results. Secondly, sometimes we try a product that a friend has suggested, and we don’t like it. The key is finding a brand that you love and that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life.

 Who are protein powders or protein shakes suitable for?

Protein powders (also called protein shakes) are suitable for everyone who want to change their body. Be it muscle building, weight reduction and fat loss, more fitness, better mobility, better muscle definition or better-balanced nutrition and health.

 What are the benefits of protein shakes?

To lose weight, protein shakes are often used as a supplement to a lighter meal or as a lower-calorie alternative for a sweet snack.

The proteins contained in protein shakes have the advantage that they fill you up longer and are lower in calories than carbohydrates or fats.

If you consume protein regularly throughout the day, you will feel better satiated and the appetite, especially in the evening, will be much less if not completely gone if the body is regularly supplied with protein.

A whey protein shake or a high protein meal replacement is ideal for giving the body everything it needs and nothing it does not.

On top of that, the additional protein counteracts the possible muscle breakdown during weight loss and promotes the burning of body fat. Because if you keep your muscles upright, you can burn the fat in the muscle. Muscle is made of protein and only with enough protein can you build and maintain muscle. And so it works much better with fat burning.

The advantages of protein shakes at a glance:
• Low in calories
• Satisfying for longer
• Perfect for building muscle
• Ideal meal replacement in diet phases
• Counteracts muscle breakdown
• Ideal for body shaping
• Can eliminate binge eating and cravings when used correctly

With intensive training and the desire to build muscle, the protein requirement should be increased in a targeted manner.

This can be achieved through protein shakes in addition to diet. If you want to build muscle mass in a targeted manner, you must consume protein several times a day, which can be a lot if you only do it with food. Liquid food, in this case protein shakes or even a muscle gainer, help to take in enough protein and nutrition without having to stuff yourself up. In addition, it gives the body exactly what it needs!

 Are protein shakes suitable for weight loss and shaping?

Adequate protein intake is essential for weight loss and body toning. Muscle breakdown can only be counteracted by a sufficient supply of protein. This way you can burn fat without losing muscle, because your muscles are your fat burning machines, so always supply them with good protein!

 Are protein shakes suitable for building muscle?

The body compensates for a deficient protein intake during intense physical exertion by using the body's own protein reserves and valuable muscle protein. The consequence is the loss of muscle mass with accompanying losses in strength and performance. Protein shakes help athletes, fitness enthusiasts and physically active people to build muscle effectively, as the body needs proteins to build muscle.

In general, protein needs can be met through diet. However, if you want to build muscle effectively and train intensively, you can easily cover the increased protein requirement with the help of protein shakes, as it is almost impossible to ingest so much pure protein through food.

 Who is CENTURION CLUB Diet Whey Protein suitable for?

Whey protein is the classic for building muscle. The Centurion Club Nutrition Diet Whey Protein Shake in the flavours of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry is the most popular protein shake for building muscle and is a classic in the Centurion Club Nutrition supplement range.

It is particularly suitable for all strength and endurance sports, martial arts and in many other areas because it contains high-quality protein building blocks and amino acids, which the muscles need for sustainable development and regeneration. It also contains added vitamins and minerals and is low in calories.

Good quality whey protein powder consists of high-quality whey protein and a high proportion of essential amino acids. Whey protein can be absorbed extremely quickly by the body and is completely metabolized within a very short time after ingestion. Extremely important who has to initiate regeneration of the body immediately after training in order to protect muscles from degradation.

 Who is CENTURION CLUB Organic Whey Protein suitable for?

The protein shake made from organic protein consists of 100% natural ingredients. The certified organic protein shakes from Centurion Club meet the highest quality standards, as the whey protein used comes from milk from organic cows.

The Bio Protein Shake contains NO artificial flavouring substances, no preservatives or colourings and is free of soy lecithin and does not contain any emulsifiers. It doesn't get any cleaner or healthier. Due to the purity of the protein, it contained at least 21.5g BCAAs, which is not the case with conventional protein shakes.

 Who is CENTURION CLUB Diet Meal Replacement suitable for?

Rich in vitamins, minerals and very few calories and a perfect ratio of carbohydrates and protein. Perfect for people who want to replace 1-2 meals a day with liquid food in the diet phase or who want to control their weight. Thanks to good carbohydrates, the shake still provides energy for several hours, provides a lot of protein and contributes to the recovery and growth of muscles.

 Who is CENTURION CLUB Eliminate suitable for?

Eliminate is developed to increase your metabolic rate in order for your body to naturally support the metabolism of fat and weight management. It helps in reducing your appetite and a sustained energy release component to get the most out of fat targeting workouts.

Increasing mental focus is just another benefit of Eliminate not only helping you focus in your training sessions but also in day-to-day life.

Full of renowned weight management ingredients including Green Tea extract, Cayenne, Caffeine, Green Coffee, Bitter Orange Powder and Phenylalanine it is the fat burner of choice for professionals!

 Who is CENTURION CLUB One suitable for?

An all-in-one mass gainer combining tried-and-tested lean muscle building ingredients make this the perfect product for anyone looking to gain REAL muscle mass whilst reducing the accompanying increase in body fat normally caused by excessive carbohydrate volumes that appear in lower quality all-in-ones.

All the good benefits for gaining muscle mass blended into the perfect all-in-one shake.

 What is the CENTURION CLUB Micronised Creatine Monohydrate for?

Our unflavoured Micronised Creatine Monohydrate ensures maximum purity and absorption to help improve athletic performance and stamina. Pair it up with our CENTURION CLUB One for the perfect bundle to pack a punch and really hit those goals.

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